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Web Services


3.14 Parameter classes for web service calls

These classes are used as input or output parameter types of web service functions. Paramteres are coupled together into these structures, since most spectrum processing functions require a large set of parameters and passing them as a structure is more convenient.

class SedFindParameters

The SedFindParameters class has the following members:

string Keyword

string Name

string TargetClass

string SpectralClass

string Derivation

DateTime DateFrom

DateTime DateTo

string Version

double RaFrom

double RaTo

double DecFrom

double DecTo

double SnrFrom

double SnrTo

double VarAmplFrom

double VarAmplTo

double RedshiftFrom

double RedshiftTo

double RedshiftErrorFrom

double RedshiftErrorTo

double WavelengthMinFrom

double WavelengthMinTo

double WavelengthMaxFrom

double WavelengthMaxTo

int FluxCalibrated

class PreprocessParameters

bool Deredden

bool Restframe

bool Vac2Air

bool Normalize

float[] NormalizeLimitsStart

float[] NormalizeLimitsEnd

float NormalizeFactor

float NormalizePower

class CompositeParameters

CompositeMethods Method

SpectrumWavelengthScale WavelengthScale

int Points

class ConvolutionParameters

public int[] FilterIds

MagnitudeSystems MagnitudeSystem

class ConvolutionResults

double[][] Magnitudes

string[] FilterNames

int[] FilterIds

string[] SpectrumNames

string[] SpectrumIds

class FitParameters

FitMethods Method

double[] MaskMin

double[] MaskMax

double[] Lines

bool MaskFromSpectra

bool WeightWithError

double ErrorSoftening

double VDisp

class FitResults

Spectrum Continuum

string[] TemplateNames

double[] TemplateCoeffs

double[][] TemplateCorr

double ContinuumChiSquare

int ContinuumNdf

double ContinuumRegressionCoeff

Spectrum Difference

Spectrum Linefit

string[] LineNames

double[] LineWavelength

double[] LineAmplitude

double[] LineAmplitudeError

double[] LineSigma

double[] LineSigmaError

double[] LineEqWidth

double VDisp

double VDispError

double LineChiSquare

int LineNdf