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3.8 Frames

These objects give you information about the measuring systems of time, spatial and time coordinates.

class Frame

The Frame class has the following members:

SkyFrame Sky
Gives information about the spatial coordinate system.

TimeFrame Time
Gives information about the time system.

SpectralFrame Spectral;
Gives information about the spectral coordinate system.

class SkyFrame

The SkyFrame class has the following members:

TextParam Type
ICRS (default) or FK5

DoubleParam Equinox
Set to 2000.0

TextParam System

class TimeFrame

The TimeFrame class has the following members:

TextParam Type
Time type, always equal to MJD (Modified Julian Date)

DoubleParam Zero
If spectrum Zero point of timescale in MJD, default 0

TextParam SIDim
SI factor and dimensions ***

TextParam System
Timescale - default TT

TextParam RefPos
Times of photon arrival are at this location: default TOPOCENTRIC

PositionParam RefDir
RA and Dec of assumed direction, omit if RefPos is TOPOCENTRIC

class SpectralFrame

The SpectralFrame class has the following members:

TextParam RefPos
default TOPOCENTRIC (use Greisen et al values)

TextParam SIDim