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3.9 Coverage

Coverage classes give information about the spatial, time and spectral extents of the SED.

class Coverage

The Coverage class has the following members:

CoverageLocation Location
Center of the covered sky / time / spectral area.

CoverageExtent Extent
Extents of the covered intervals.

CoverageRegion Region
Aperture region, start/end time, min/max wavelength etc.

CoverageFill Fill
Sampling factors.

class CoverageLocation

The CoverageLocation class has the following members:

PositionParam Sky
Ra and dec of the center of sampled area.

TimeParam Time
Midpoint of the exposure on a JD scale

TextParam Spectral
Band, consistent with RSM

class CoverageExtent

The CoverageExtent class has the following members:

DoubleParam Sky
Aperture angular diameter

DoubleParam Time
Exposure time

DoubleParam Spectral
Width of spectrum

class CoverageRegion

The CoverageRegion class has the following members:

TextParam Sky
Aperture region.

TimeInterval Time
Start and end time of exposure.

DoubleInterval Spectral
Min and max spectral coordinates.

class CoverageFill

The CoverageFill class has the following members:

PositionParam Sky
Sampling filling factor

DoubleParam Time
Resolution of time series

DoubleParam Spectral
Spectral resolution