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3.6 Target identification

Target class is for identifying the spatial object. This class must be provided even with Sed objects that are representing non-observational spectra, such as simulated ones.

class Target

The Target class has the following member variables:

TextParam Name
Name of the spatial object.

TextParam Description
Description of the target object and comments.

TextParam TargetClass
Can have the following values: star, galaxy, qso, sky, unknown etc.

TextParam SpectralClass
*** What's the difference between this and TargetClass?

DoubleParam Redshift
Redshift of the target object. For informational purposes only, to exact values use Segment.DerivedData.Redshift

PositionParam Pos
Represents the center of the object on the sky. For exact coverage use Segment.Frame and Segment.Coverage.

DoubleParam VarAmpl
For variable stars, it represents the amplitude of variation.

Param[] Custom
Array of Param classes for custom parameters. Can store any number of parameters of any type.