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Web Services


3.11 Data identification


class DataId

The DataId class has the following members:

TextParam Title
Dataset title.

TextParam CreatorId
The data creator's internal database ID. It is usually a database primary key, that is look up of data by this number is the fastest way. CreatorId is the form of ivo://datacreator#internalID, where datacreator is a unique ivoa identifier of the institution and department, etc, while internalID is usually a 64 integer number identifying spectrum within the creators catalog. For example: ivo://sdss/dr4/spec#80443408207839232

TextParam Collection
Name or IVOA URI of the collection. For example: SDSS DR 4 Spectra or ivo://sdss/dr4/spec. This field is not for collection indentification, use CreatorID or PublisherID instead.

TextParam PublisherId
Internal database ID issued by the publisher of the data. May be different from the CreatorID. Spectrum Services use this field to identify every spectrum uniquely, and all web service functions require this ID as the input parameter. For example: ivo://jhu/sdss/dr2#730314. It identifies a spectrum from the SDSS DR2 catalog published by JHU. Note that the internal ID is an integer which differs from Sloan's specobij!

TimeParam Date
Time of data processing / creaton. Not necessarilly the time of observation.

TextParam Version
Version number of data.

TextParam Instrument
Instrument used for observation.

TextParam CreationType
Creation type. May be ARCHIVAL, DYNAMIC, CUSTOM etc.