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Web Services


3.5 Sed class

The Sed class is the root object of the data model. Web service functions accept and return arrays of Sed objects. An Sed class represents a spectrum with a single target object and can have several segments representing different observations.

class Sed

The Sed class has the following members:

TimeParam Data
Represents the date of retrieval of the spectrum from the database, not the time of observation. This field is intented to be used for versioning and data tracking purposes.

Target Target
Gives information about the spatial object being observerved. This member is required even when spectrum is not observational, but synthetic or simulated.

Param[] Custom
Array of Param classes for custom parameters. Can store any number of parameters of any type.

IntParam NSegments
Stores the number of segments in the Sed. It must be equal to the length of the Segments array.

Segment[] Segments
Array of Segment classes to store segments. Segments are representing the measured/simulated part of the spectrum, while target is identifying the spatial object only.