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Programming API

SkyQuery provides programmatic access to its features via a set of REST web services. Functionality is organized into three services

  • The Schema Service allows querying the database schema and meta data of the astronomical catalogs
  • The Jobs Service allows submitting new jobs (standard SQL queries, XMatch jobs, table import and export jobs, etc) and checking job status
  • The Data Service provides direct access to user tables in MyDB and MyScratch. Tables can be downloaded or uploaded in many formats.

For the description of the service URLs and request/response format examples, go to the api page and follow the links to the services. Services understand XML and JSON requests and can also return the response in either format. The format of the request must be defined in the Content-Type HTTP header, whereas the response format is determined by the Accept header. The mime types are application/xml for XML and application/json for JSON.

Data Service file formats

For a description and the layout of the various file formats, follow this link. The Data Service currently accepts the following file formats.

Upload file formats

Uploaded data format is determined from the Content-Type HTTP header.

  • Tab-separated text file; default extension: txt; mime-type: text/plain
  • Comma-separated values; default extension: csv; mime-type: text/csv
  • VOTable; default extension: votable; mime-type: application/x-votable+xml
  • FITS; default extension: fits; mime-type: image/fits

Download file formats

Download data format is determined from the Accept HTTP header. The format list is same as above but in addition the following download formats are currently supported.

  • SQL Server native binary data file; default extension: bcp; mime-type: application/sqlserver

Client libraries

The SciScript python client library is a wrapper around SciServer functionality including SkyQuery. SciScript is readily available from SciServer Compute.


Python using the SciScript library


The first call to the login-portal get an authentication token that you have to resubmit to the SkyQuery services in the X-Auth-Token HTTP header.


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